Communicate, show, participate virtually. IDI knows only now, more than twenty years after its foundation, a web soul that reflects our image and tells our steps.

If the channels that the network makes available to us are perhaps more congenial to an audience of millennials, we must realize that not speaking this language would mean not being able to feed that network of relationships on which our activities are based.

Through the site and our main social network – facebook – it will be possible to stay updated on the things done and the projects to come, certain that by putting ideas and resources on the net we can achieve better results.

An active and proactive attitude on the part of all IDI members also translates into the possibility of intercepting new needs and expanding opportunities for cooperation.

At the annual budget approval meeting that annually brings us together in a physical location and allows us to talk vis a vis, we will be followed by a series of virtual calls to action as important indicators of member participation and proactivity. The comparisons are productive and fuel synergies and socialization. In a relational logic of public service every professional is first of all an informed and ready to inform citizen who thus contributes to a constant improvement in the functioning of the entity.

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