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Donations to the International Diplomatic Institute enjoy tax benefits. The donated amounts can be deducted from personal income tax or deducted from income.

To enjoy the tax benefits, the donor will have to pay the sums by bank or postal payment, or in any case through the other traceable payment systems (debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, etc …).
Cash donations do not enjoy any discounts.
The name of the beneficiary must include the correct wording of the non-profit organization, INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC INSTITUTE.

It is essential to keep the receipt of the payment in which the payment method used is indicated.
To allow the Institute to be able to send it, it is necessary to indicate a valid email address in the bank transfer or postal order. Alternatively, request the receipt for tax benefits from our secretariat:

Asian woman looking to saving account book and calculating her monthly expenses with calculator. Debt.

Privileged condition for those left to non-profit organizations.

The law provides that testamentary left-overs in favor of Italian non-profit organizations and European Union countries are not subject to inheritance or donation tax, nor to mortgage and cadastral tax. Their value is therefore entirely used by the International Diplomatic Institute in support of projects and initiatives.



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