The Department for Studies and Training manages relations with universities, Italian and foreign academies, supports training activities from a technical point of view, coordinates study activities. It elaborates and proposes ideas for the realization of new courses, identifies the universities with which to collaborate and the experts to whom to entrust the research.


The Department for Diplomatic Affairs handles relations between the Institute and diplomatic representatives, facilitates the meeting between members of the Diplomatic Corps of all countries and representatives of the Institute. It creates opportunities for dialogue, reflection and deepening on the relationship between States and understanding between peoples. It provides opinions on issues of international, diplomatic and consular law, European Union law, comparative and foreign law. It proposes initiatives of social utility abroad.


The Department for Interreligious Affairs promotes agreements between “men of good will” of all faiths to recognize the values that unite and give impetus to authentic human development, respectful of identities, on a common ground.


The Department makes the professionalism of the Institute available to companies, local administrations, commercial offices of the Embassies for the development of their export programs, for the presentation of the opportunities offered by each country, for more effective action on international markets. . It supports economic operators who intend to expand their business abroad.

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