Human rights

The Commission is developing educational initiatives and projects to raise awareness of the inspiring principles of universal and regional fundamental documents on the protection of human rights, in order to raise public awareness on the issue.

In 2022, the Women’s Rights Sub-Commission was created with the mandate to participate across international forums in support of women and girls’ rights for the Women, Peace and Security Agenda


Ethics and Responsibility

Ethics and responsibility are not abstract concepts. In a complex society like ours, not only does it not fail, but the need to orientate public life according to well-defined principles and values is stronger. The Commission carries out a high consultancy function on these issues as an indispensable part in the preparation of future ruling classes and indicates the subjects on which to carry out any further studies.

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Safety and Legality

Without safety and legality there is no civil life. The Commission, by comparing the experiences of various countries, draws up guidelines, proposes specific interventions to improve legislation and jurisdiction, and provides the Institute with opinions and advice on these delicate matters.

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