Efforts for Socials Inclusions: FISDIR

Last year we met FISDIR during a solidarity event in Varese. These days we signed the memorandum of understanding with which IDI is committed to promote sport practiced by people with relational intellectual disabilities; to deepen the themes of sport practiced by people with such disabilities by participating in educational and training initiatives; to spread through its channels the sport culture by defining common actions to raise public awareness of sport for the people with disabilities.

In total contrast to the Italian average time for the ratification of any agreement, despite the bureaucratic delays, the parliamentarisation on what to do in every area, IDI has shown that where there is the will to build a path together is enough to see it realized.

It’s only been a few months since we had the honor of accompanying a delegation of 4 young FISDIR athletes in audience with the Pope (https://idi-international.org/in-visita-da-papa-francesco/), and we have already come to join forces to help our boys and make their incredible skills even more visible. Sport, writes the Federation in its mission, improves the quality of life and is able to enhance individual abilities if practiced in a complete form, that is, according to its own rules.

Working for the social inclusion of the weakest individuals is for us a moral and civil obligation, it makes us better and able to learn by teaching.

The most important challenge will not be to devise and create opportunities to strengthen this new partnership, but to encourage participation. The challenges on the ground have a greater chance of success when we compete in enthusiasm from the stands.

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