Fashion speaks Korean

Cradle of Samsung, fourth Asian economy, twelfth in the world, among the countries with the highest rate of education in the world, South Korea is to all intents and purposes an important destination in the road map of the internationalization process of Italian companies supported by IDI.

Nestled in the South Korean province of Chungcheong, stands the oldest and most prestigious Korean university, Cheongju University, with which the Institute has recently signed an important agreement aimed at promoting Italian culture in the field of fashion.

It will happen in January: a group of students from the College of Art & Fashion Design will fly to Milan in conjunction with Fashion Week promoted by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. Seven days of intensive training distributed between visits to textile companies in the Como and Milan area and a fashion show organized in collaboration with the Korean consulate. An important exchange on which the foundations for future agreements between IDI and the diplomatic representations of the Asian country are being formed, which, given in hand, shows that it is particularly interested in high-end Italian fashion (+ 2.5% of exports to South Korea in early 2018). An optimistic take-off, a sentiment also shared by the campus representatives when signing the agreement with IDI.

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