International & European Union law, integration and multilateral diplomacy

The Course aims to provide students with a wider awereness of the international relations system, both in a global context (UN) and a European regional context (EU).

The knowledge of the fundamental legal concepts of International Law and European Union Law and the understanding of the functioning of institutions, bodies and organizations at various levels – as well as the acquisition of negotiating and communicative competences in multilateral meetings – guarantee a solid preparation to face the complexity of relations between States.

The course begins with a framework of the themes of International Law and the genesis and evolution of the United Nations, which will be followed by an in-depth study of the majors legal features of the European Union, through a comprehensive knowledge of the origin of the EU legal order, its developments and its future outlook.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to understand the complexity of the interaction and integration processes at a global and regional level, especially acquiring awareness of emerging themes; becoming familiar with the International and European Union vocabulary and enhancing personal attitudes within negotiation processes or public speaking.

Course director: Prof. Marco Ricceri
Tutor: xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

All the teachers will be highly qualified lecturers from some of the most prestigious italian Universities and international expert from UNITAR.

Il Corso è articolato in 13 lezioni e due seminari relativi ai principali temi internazionali ed europei, per un impegno totale di 76 ore distribuito su 9 giorni. Il numero massimo di partecipanti sarà pari a 40. Il numero minimo di partecipanti sarà pari a 20.

  • International law – 4 hours
  • United Nations Organization– 4 hours
  • History and Philosophy of European Integration – 4 hours
  • Basic Concepts of European Union Law – 4 hours
  • Internal Market – 4 hours
  • The Economic and Monetary Union – 4 hours
  • Area of Freedom, Security and Justice – 4 hours
  • Other Areas of Union Policy: an Overview – 4 hours
  • The External Relations of the European Union – 4 hours
  • Europe and Human Rights Protection: Multi-level Governance – 4 hours
  • Overcoming Negotiation Deadlocks – 6/8 hours
  • Speechwriting in Multilateral Diplomacy – 6/8 hours
  • United Nations Protocol – 6/8 hours
  • Digital Diplomacy – 6/8 hours



  • Learning by researching – 2 hours
  • European Union’s Funding Opportunities – 2 hours

To be eligible for admission to the Training course on International & European Union law, Integration and Multilateral Diplomacy, a candidate must:

  • hold a  bachelor’s degree or higher qualification or being on track to graduate within xxxx 20xx (last useful graduating session of the a.y. 20xx/20xx);
  • hold one of the following English language certificates:
      • Cambridge test (minimum level B2) o
      • IELTS (minimum grade 6.5) or
      • TOEFL (minimum grade 85).

You hold a bachelor’s degree entirely taught in English, exempts participants from providing the above English language certificate.

Applicants not holding a certificate can still apply and, upon conditional offer, will be assessed by an English Knowledge Interview.

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