The Gates of the Mind, to keep the consciousness of ideas from dying

The Gates of the Mind proposes a valid exit strategy to this situation. It does not pretend to be the solution. The only real solution lies only in ourselves who are called to carry out a careful analysis of our daily actions, having read this work!

“Your messages allow me to divert my attention from daily reality and often make me reflect on the greatness of the human soul. The depth of thought, even if imperceptible to those who are not accustomed to reflection and care of their inner world – the only infinite world – allows all of us – in need of the care of the wounds that the soul hides – to draw from the thoughts of others and in this case from Yours.

Always fervent, lucid and passionate!

The others, these strangers, to whom help is sought without them noticing it and to whom everything appears normal when it is not normal”.

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