Sustainable development goals

Sustainable development goals

The International Diplomatic Institute for the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda

As an Organization with Special Consultative Status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council, the Institute has accepted the invitation to participate concretely in the pursuit of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 UN Agenda.

In compliance with our statute, we are active in promoting sustainable human development through more and more projects and actions, including programs aimed at enhancing the professional autonomy of people with intellectual-relational disabilities and the theoretical-practical course aimed at Students of the last year of high school, university students, recent graduates and professionals on The role of the United Nations in the current phase of crisis of international relations.

4, quality education

Quality education

The International Diplomatic Institute offers numerous training opportunities, with specialization and in-depth courses aimed at both recent graduates and professionals who intend to increase and enrich their preparation. All activities are carried out in collaboration with prestigious academic and training institutions, national and international.

10, reduced inequalities

Reduced inequalities

International Diplomatic Institute – with the collaboration of Fisdir, the Italian Paralympic Sports Federation of relational intellectuals, and in collaboration with some Italian Chefs – promotes the event ALTReMENTI CHEF, a culinary contest that sees boys and girls with intellectual disabilities try their hand at making dishes.

17, partnerships for the goals

Partnership for the goals

The International Diplomatic Institute has among its purposes the promotion of dialogue at all levels and therefore is characterized, if the need arises, as a real “forum” for informal comparisons, according to criteria of transparency and in compliance with guiding principles of international law.

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