The project “ALTReMENTI CHEF – COOKING4ALL” was born in 2018 from the desire to create an event of national importance that focuses on the professional autonomy of people with intellectual-relational disabilities.

Despite the wide resonance given to the theme by the media, we thought that there is not yet full awareness of the professional skills of these young people, precious and sensitive resources that, not infrequently, find a place in the world of work, especially in the receptive-restaurant world.

To this end, and with the hope of representing a further opportunity of visibility for job placement, the International Diplomatic Institute, with the collaboration of Fisdir, (Italian Paralympic Sports Federation of Relational Intellectuals) and in collaboration with the Professional Association of Italian Chefs, has promoted the Altrementi Chef event, a team culinary contest that sees young people and young people with intellectual disabilities trying their hand at cooking.

The participants, already accustomed to the challenges, will engage in the kitchen with the same desire for victory, and normality, which represents the figure of all their behavior, in sport as in life.

As well as competitors, the children will be testimonials of a lifestyle based on passion, creativity and dedication, “ingredients” necessary in the kitchen, but even more so for a healthy and independent life.

For more information visit the official website of the project:

2019 edition

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