A special normality

Telling the lives of people with disabilities

The Diplomatic Institute and FISDIR announce the first edition of the competition for the best photographic project on people with relational intellectual disabilities.

It will be delivered by 20th January 2019.

ROME, 23 November 2018 – Telling the life of a relational intellectual disabled person, his daily bets to emerge as a person and also as a sportsman. This is the meaning of the photographic grant worth three thousand five hundred Euros that for the first time the International Diplomatic Institute (IDI), in collaboration with FISDIR (National Federation of Relational Intellectual Paralympic Sports), wants to assign the best project for images on the theme “A special normality”.

The aim of the initiative – says the announcement of competition – is to promote, in accordance with the 2006 UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, respect for the intrinsic dignity of persons with relational intellectual disabilities, their individual autonomy, full social inclusion and equal opportunities in daily life and sport, the latter representing an extraordinary area of recovery, cultural and physical growth, as well as education for integration.

A work grant open to all, professionals in the sector and amateurs without age limits, followed by an exhibition of the winning project and the creation of a catalogue to be presented as part of an event dedicated to the theme of relational intellectual disabilities scheduled in Rome in 2019.

This is how the important partnership between the two entities, which see their respective missions of assistance to the most socially disadvantaged people, organization and development of sports activities, towards a common project, here at its first stage, becomes concrete.

The full text of the call, which sets the date of delivery of the project essay at midnight on 20th January 2019, can be downloaded from the respective websites of the promoters: idi-international.org and www.fisdir.it.


FISDIR, Italian Federation of Relational Intellectual Paralympic Sports, is the Paralympic Sports Federation to which the CIP (Italian Paralympic Committee) has entrusted the management, organization and development of sports activities for athletes with intellectual and relational disabilities. The CIP, recognized in 2017 as a public body, in the same way as CONI for Olympic sport, has the task of ensuring the maximum diffusion of the Paralympic idea and the most profitable start to the sport practice of disabled people.

To date, the CIP recognizes over forty sports entities, including Paralympic federations, Paralympic disciplines, Paralympic promotion bodies and well-deserving Paralympic associations. Among the Paralympic Sports Federations, the activity of the Italian Federation of Relational Intellectual Disability Sports develops.

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