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Italian Diplomatic Institute relaunches support to Italian companies on foreign markets

ROME, 31 MAY 18 – Innovate, internationalize, cooperate, the great challenges for the future are among the main objectives of the International Diplomatic Institute that, on Sunday, June 3, opens the offices of Palazzo Orsini to diplomats and entrepreneurs to relaunch collaboration between geopolitical areas (Mediterranean, Balkans, Europe, Asia, Africa) and support the internationalization of Italian companies.

The occasion of the meeting will be the inauguration of the new Roman headquarters of IDI inside the historic building at the foot of the Capitol, where the people, with departments in Spain, Romania, Kosovo, Albania, Switzerland, Malta, South Korea and China, will continue the task that has been theirs since 1994, namely the consolidation of strategic alliances and partnerships to promote diplomatic, economic, religious, social and humanitarian cultural and economic exchanges between countries.
The day, according to a statement, will be marked by some important moments such as the commitment of the representatives of the Caucasian State of Georgia to sign, next June, a memorandum of understanding for the implementation of projects in the agricultural and industrial sectors.
“The settling at Palazzo Orsini marks the opportunity to carry out development projects for our companies on international markets,” said Paolo Giordani, President ofIDI. “The company works as a consultant and intermediary in the creation of a network of skills for the implementation of investments and the management of any critical issues. The Institute’s qualified action is not limited, however, to supporting corporate strategies, which are the specific competence of the International Organization for Foreign Trade-OICE and theIDI World Club of Entrepreneurs living within it,” he said.
The organization, which defines itself as a non-governmental diplomatic organization, has been accredited over the years with European and Italian institutions also for humanitarian purposes. In addition to an appreciated work in the field of cooperation and a series of charitable initiatives in the field of disabilities, IDI has created a body, the Commission for Human Rights, to combat discrimination against immigrants and the violation of human rights. The profits from the management and fundraising among the associated companies are donated to the Catholic Church or to the National and International Caritas in favour of some disadvantaged populations (Senegal, Chad and Guinea). A social and cultural journey that complements the rich agenda of appointments launched by the Diplomatic Academy of Merit of Nations, the study center that IDI wanted to disseminate the results of research and seminars on the doctrine of the Catholic Church, the development of international and diplomatic law, and the international communities with which the Institute interacts. On the occasion of the ribbon cutting and in virtue of the consolidated relations with religious institutes and ecclesiastical bodies, Monsignor Michele Fiorentino of the Sacred Roman Rota and Don Felice Riva, chaplain of the pediatric hospital “Bambino Gesù” in Palidoro, will officiate a mass on the tomb of St. Peter in the Vatican caves. Immediately afterwards, Monsignor Mario Laurenti, business appointee and ecclesiastical advisor of the Holy See´s Embassy of Malta, will bless the new offices.

Source: Carlo Rebecchi

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