Diversity as normality

The concept of diversity has fortunately changed a lot over time. With some of our recent events, we have tried to focus a lot on the importance of thinking in terms of “diversity as normality”. This is especially important for the younger generations, who must be educated to consider diversity as the very essence of humankind. Today, this variety is much more visible than in the past and that is good.
In fact, there is much more talk of integration, and the peculiarities and problems of those who have a particular pathology are being studied in greater depth. An excellent example of this is the media attention around World Down Syndrome Day.

IDI, with the support of the Sports Commission, has put a lot of effort into promoting a sports culture that can include everyone. Focusing on these opportunities for interaction is basic as these are situations where people, especially young people, spend time in absolute relaxation and having fun. In these situations, which go beyond any work or educational context, it is much easier to get to know each other and overcome differences, looking only at humanity and the pleasant moments shared together.

Diversity and normality: two sides of the same coin

Diversity and normality are two sides of the same coin. Today, in fact, there is a growing tendency to think of diversity as something far removed from a constituted order. This order, both in private life and in the working world, is increasingly unstable. In fact, we are dealing with people who put humanity and passion into their work and personal relationships, regardless of their origin and what is written on their medical records. This is beautiful and allows us, day after day, to always consider diversity a wonderful normality.

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